The Best Fruit Smoothies Ideas For Kids: Welcome to The Smoothie Corner

Welcome again to My Smoothie Corner, after quite a few positive comments and requests I thought it would be nice to share with you another couple of recipes of my favorite fruit smoothies ideas that I prepare for my kids and that seem to be always a great success with them.

Last week we had friends over and to my joy and excitement we even converted one of their friends (which was always very reluctant in having fruit smoothies) to a true fan of my last recipe and even asked me to write it down so he could give it to his mum and she could make it for him at home.

So let’s get down to business and talk fruit smoothies now!

Although we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, sometimes we do not have the time to prepare a nutritious one. And consequently, we can get exhausted, sleepy and anxious to get to the end of the day.

Here are some of the easiest smoothie recipes I have ever made that can supplement or even substitute a meal and be a satisfying and energetic breakfast

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Soy Milk Matcha Smoothie

In my house there is always tea, but rather than the everyday kind of tea, I love Green Tea, Matcha Tea, Red Tea, and all the various infusions. Instead of making tea with soy milk, try this antioxidant Smoothie/drink made with green Matcha tea, soy milk, and coconut oil.

For those of you did not know Matcha is a premium green tea powder from Japan used for drinking as tea or as an ingredient in recipes.

The Smoothie is a source of protein and it will give you the energy to keep you awake all morning and last for the rest of the day. Coconut oil is also rich in vitamin E, benefiting your skin and brain.


  • 1 cup of soy milk
  • 1 teaspoon of Matcha powder,
  • 1 tablespoon of agave syrup or maple if you prefer,
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 5-6 ice cubes.

Put everything in the blender (I just tried my friend blender, she’s got a Vitamix; I was really impressed with the smoothness of the texture when the smoothie was finished).

Blend all the ingredients for 2 minutes and get ready to drink a protein-rich fantastic smoothie.

The Blackberries/Ginger Smoothie

This one is a nutritious energy hit, full of antioxidants, excellent for the immune system and with anti-inflammatory properties.

It can even help soothe the body when you are trying to manage stress. (Good for us mums)



  • 1 cup of natural or vanilla soy yogurt
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • one lemon juice
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger peeled and cut into pieces
  • 1 cup of agave syrup
  • 5-6 ice cubes.

Vitamix again for another couple of minutes and drink it straight away.


The Choconana Smoothie

Probably the number one for my kids; in addition to being delicious, this smoothie is a fountain of health: cocoa contains antioxidants; bananas has iron and of course potassium; peanut butter rich in protein and vitamin E; and almond milk great source of calcium.



  • 1 cup of Almond milk
  • 1 banana cut into pieces
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon of chocolate powder
  • 1 tablespoon of agave syrup
  • 5-6 ice cubes.


Let’s mix everything till we get a soft and creamy texture and you can sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top if you want to add an extra touch

Peachmond Smoothie

Peaches, the fruit of the summer; besides being a fresh fruit for the hot season, are a source of vitamin C and potassium. So, by combining the peach with almond butter and soy milk, you can enjoy a good dose of protein and minerals important for the proper functioning of our body. A plus for this smoothie is that it also provides you with important portions of omega 3.



  • 1 cup of soy milk
  • 1 cup of fresh peaches
  • 1 tablespoon of agave or maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon of almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil
  • 5/6 ice cubes

Vitamix and ready to go!

The Green Monster Smoothie

Contrary to the name it is not a Monster or maybe I should say it is a monster of goodness.

In addition to the benefits that plants like ginger, apples, olive oil have, this smoothie is rich in fiber, protein, iron, folic acid, vitamins, and minerals. Could you ask for more?



  • 1 cup of crispy cabbage
  • 1 large apple and cut into pieces
  • 1 peeled the cucumber and cut into pieces
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of grated and fresh ginger
  • ½ tablespoon of coconut oil
  • ½ tablespoon of maple syrup
  • 5 ice cubes optional
  • protein powder

Blend it, pour it a glass, serve it cold!



Well I sincerely hope you will enjoy the smoothies and if you need a big professional blender to do them in style check out the Vitamix 5300 my friend just bought one and I swear she made me almost jealous


May you all have a blessed day!

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53 Responses

  1. francis says:

    Hello Barbara,This is truly an amazing information on how to make your own smoothie.  Its good that you have used soy milk since there are quite a number of people who are lactose intolerance.  Im very sensitive to milk products so this is good to know on preparing the smoothies that you have showed.  Im will share this to my wife and not to mention to surely check out the Vitamix Blender.

  2. charles39 says:

    Let me  honest with you if take these smoothie daily  I will  reduce the amount of food itake per day and let the smoothie work  for me .these are beutifully made and craftsmanship is totally upstanding I believe with lessons and the recepes that you are providing we shall  go places in healthier living

  3. Caldero says:

    That Choconana seems tempting. Like REALLY tempting. Which is weird considering I usually don’t like adding banana to anything other than a standard fruit salad. People have banana splits and I’m like, “It looks nice but I don’t think I’ll try it”…Might make an exception here…Anyways, you say that these are great smoothie ideas for kids but I can see more adults drinking these than kids. One of my best friends loves whipping up this kind of stuff. Especially since it’s always so hot out where we are.

  4. arnaiemhasan says:

    Hi BARBARA ,

    This is the most wonderful article with all necessary steps about the best fruits smoothies ideas for kids.i think it will be very helpful for kids. i said , if breakfast is a little smoothie,it is very useful for our body , for that reason it will be maintain our body fitness. i will share with my all friends who loves fruits smoothie .thanks for the sharing an excellent idea.

  5. Mark says:

    Wonderful article. I’m vegan myself but my 2 grand children are as well. You just can’t beat a great smoothie especially for breakfast – and the kids love them too.

    The beauty of the smoothies in your post is that they cover both the sweetness that kids enjoy but more importantly all the vitamins and antioxidants needed for a healthy lifestyle. I mean, what other meal can pack that much great nutrition in a great tasting treat – fantastic.

    Personally, I’m going to try the blackcurrant and ginger smoothie today as it looks so good.

    Great post and such a great way of showing us how healthy and fun our meals can be. 

  6. Salim says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for providing us this really detailed information about new fruit smoothies recipes and how to properly make them. I think I’m beginning to love smoothies with all the wonderful pictures you added as well, the vanilla caught my fancy and I don’t think i can resist it but to start making them myself. Thanks for the blender options you have also.

    have a nice day

  7. Ainars Ozols says:

    Hello, Barbara.

    After reading your post, I went to my kitchen and prepared “The Choconana Smoothie”. And it was amazing! I love chocolate and peanut butter combination. The only difference I made, I used coconut milk, since my wife prefers it to almond or soy milk. 

    I would love to try other recipes and will be waiting for more ideas from you.

  8. Louis says:

    Is it just me or did the “choconana” smoothie sound so good to anyone else as it does to me. No doubt this has got to be number one for me. What a creative name with a fantastic ring to it. I mixture of bananas, chocolate, peanut butter and milk. I bet I’ll bloat myself out on this. I’ll surely be trying the choconana smoothie cos I love it already.

  9. Dave Sweney says:

    This was the perfect post I was looking for (Google search does it again!). I have 6 grandchildren and I want to provide them with a healthy diet when they come to visit. Smoothies are so healthy if the right ingredients are used, but often it can be a hard sell. 

    Getting the best fruit smoothies that they will not make a face when they see them and drink them is important to me. I have looked at several sites but none of the suggestions caught my eye. The kids are very fussy. You are competing with McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. when it comes to feeding them. So something unique and delicious and looks yummy is a must to get them to buy into a smoothie. 

    The soy milk matcha smoothie and the choconana are two that have gone into my recipe box. I like the others too, so have bookmarked the website and page so I  can come back. Let’s see how it goes, I am pretty sure they will go wild for these smoothies. Thanks a lot! 

  10. Chris says:

    I love it when I stumble upon healthy recipes for kids, as mine are so hard to please and keep interested (in food) most of the time. 

    Out of everything you have on offer here, I think I’d try the Choconana choice first off – it sounds like the type of thing that even I’d enjoy! 

    It’ll be nice to get the kids involved when it comes to making the smoothie mix. 

  11. Joy gateru says:

    Once again am back offering comments to my favourite post about foods and to be specific I am talking about the vegan world, personally I find this to be the best breakfast ever I have ever heard of.

    personally I am used to take normal tea in the morning and a slice of bread due to late wake up hours, but as I am learning new things especially for the vegan I am sure to start improving my diet, I like the ingredients they are very fit for a vegen and also good for great health. Kindly please keep up updated on other news of new vegan recipes and foods.

    thank you,

    Joy gateru

  12. Humayra says:


    I found your article is important for my family since they are practicing different recipe for kids. I have always observed that kids are not very interested to take their regular foods. So I believe this concept will be helpful for us. I am going to share it with my relatives, friends and family member who are facing same problem. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips.

  13. Leo says:

    Great smoothie recipes.

    If someone asked me what equipment would I recommend for a transition to vegan food.

    Blender or food processor? This is a tough decision for me. It’s hard to decide. But still, the decision went to Vitamix just because of these magical smoothies. Because of a tamper Vitamix still can replace food processor if you want to make spreads.

    Have a nice day,


  14. Helen says:

    Very interesting website. I make a lot of smoothies for my son who is an international junior tennis player. He loves smoothies. He often adds whey protein to them as he is growing a lot.   Vegan food is not new to me. I have a sister and a daughter that are vegan and it is getting easier every year to get interesting dishes for them to eat when they come over.  My tennis playing son is not vegan, or vegetarian. I dont think that being vegan and a growing athlete go together although he does have many vegan foods along the way because they are tasty and supplement his diet well.  I dont think I could become vegan, although we  eat very little red meat, more chicken and fish. I would find it hard to give up fish,. But it is very interesting where products get that are non vegan.. gelatine for example. My daughter is very careful when eating something new to read the product labelling.  I make soap.  I do make non vegan soaps with goat milk and beeswax but I have several lines that are totally vegan including a natural deodorant and a body butter, along with some beautiful natural soaps. A very interesting website and everything I looked at and the recipes I read sounded totally delicious, I will go have another wander around and try some of them out. Thank you! 

  15. Joo says:

    Hi, I just hopped over from your other post on the Spanish tortilla. I absolutely love this smoothie ideas for kids! Soy milk matcha, why haven’t I thought of that? The green monster sounds so super healthy too! We’re doing a green smoothie for breakfast every morning currently. Just apples, celery, cucumber, and a squeeze of lemon. 

  16. Kehinde Segun says:

    Hey Barbara.To be honest, this is another amazing way of preparing smoothie because I’m only familiar with all fruits (cucumber, carrot, orange) smoothie. But with these your amazing wonderful ways I’ve just seen, thanks to you. I think My Nephew will really enjoy this, especially the Blackberries/Ginger Smoothie because he loves Yogurt and Blackberries so much.But as for me,I’m going for the Choconana!!!! That’s is going to be wonderful on me. Barbara just made me an happy man with information. Thumbs up for you

  17. Kenechi says:

    I like the Chokonana smoothie with prepared with banana and almond and few other fruits it contains. It’s very rich and good for children but is not only good for children. It’s also good for adults. It increases testosterone production and libido. Another smoothie I like there is the Blackberries smoothie which contains so much antioxidants that powers the body immune system.

  18. Gno says:

    Smoothies are not for kids 🙂

    I like the smoothies and yours are perfect. Blackberries/blueberries with ginger are always a good pick like a banana with chocolate.

    Peachmond Smoothie – wow! I really like peanut butter with banana, but the almond with peaches sounds very good. 

    The green smoothies also very healthy, with so many vitamins and minerals. 

    This is important to buy a good Smoothie Blender. Vitamix is a good brand. I also suggest it.

  19. mzakapon says:


    I love all of those best fruit smoothies ideas for kids. I believe every ingredient is natural and will be quality recipe for kids. I have to share it with my family since we are facing problem to feed them their regular meal. I think this type of knowledge will help our family to make alternative tasty recipes for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  20. DerrAd says:

    Hello Barbara, 

    That’s a great article and captivating pictures which makes it hard to resist imagining myself tasting the smoothies. You’ve made it so simple with the steps and I’m definitely going to find some time to try some of them especially the green monster smoothie but I hope it doesn’t taste as the name sounds. 

    I have a friend and I think he’ll be glad to find these recipes. 

  21. Renton says:

    This is a brilliant post! These smoothies sound absolutely delicious (especially the Soy Milk Matcha Smoothie) and it could easily be confused for a restaurant quality drink. I am sure these smoothies are a hit with everyone and if you could convert a former non-smoothie drinker that is proof enough of how great they are!

    These recipes look incredibly healthy and well balanced and the recipes are easy to follow. This is a great way to disguise those healthy ingredients that kids seem to “forget” to eat at dinner time. I think its a win-win because the kids can’t get enough but it is also a great way to show them that healthy food can be even tastier than junk food when done right.

    I was wondering, is it necessary to dilute smoothies or other drinks with natural sugar (from fruits) for kids? I have seen people do the same for fruit juice so I was wondering if the same thing applies to smoothies like yours.

    Thanks for sharing this delicious information!

    • Barbara S. says:

      Personally i do not dilute the smoothie, I guess it is a personal preference, I feel like they are just full of goodness and even when it comes to sugar (which i use in the form of Agave and not sugar per se) I always keep it down to a minimum

  22. Richard says:

    My wife and I have been for a while been moving in this direction and I must admit with surprisingly good results. While the traditional blenders has been around a long time, I prefer the Nutribullet as this allow me to blend and take my smoothie with in the same container.

    Something that I have found both environmentally friendly and that makes the smoothies taste better are glass straws. Thanks for the great recipes.


  23. Md moinul Islam says:

    Wow Barbara,

    I have read the whole review about this. I think this information is very important for all.We can see that kids are not taking there regular foods.I have some idea about this.Now i am telling about that.

    Various flavor combinations makes food tasty and delicious for kids such as Blueberry Cococa,Strawberry Banana,Mango Coconut Sweet Potato,Honey Peach etc.I see more ideas about healthy food, healthy smoothies and breakfast smoothies.I believe this information will helps us.I hope most of the people will like this post.Thanks for sharing this Articl.                       

  24. Stacie says:

    While I am not vegan, these recipes sound fantastic, and you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these either!

    While the chocolate on sounds super great I am most interested in the cabbage and apple smoothie. You listed a protien powder at the end of the recipe, I use a hemp protien powder, was wondering if you have ever tried it. It is packed with so much protien and I think it will blend well with the ingredients flavor wise. 

    Thank you so much for the great smoothie ideas!


  25. Kim says:

    Hi Barbara, your smoothie recipes look great! I know the recipes say they are for kids but I am definitely trying some of these myself!

    I have never tried matcha before but would like too. I was wondering if there is any brand you recommend? Also, will substituting almond milk for soy milk be ok? Soy doesn’t always agree with me. I didn’t know if it would change the taste too much. 

    • Barbara S. says:

      Hi Kim, I like to use almond in my smoothie but it is really just a matter of preference, if you prefer soy or even coconut milk the taste will still me delicious. Matcha Tea, I don’t have particular preferences, but I like to get one that is organic if I can. I hope you will enjoy the smoothies

  26. Michele says:

    Hi Barbara – I love these smoothie recipes you’ve provided.  I don’t have any kids, so I guess I’ll just have to drink them myself.  I noticed that some of the recipes used soy milk and one of them used almond milk.  Do you have a preference?  Actually, do you have an opinion of soy milk vs almond milk vs coconut milk?  What are the pros and cons for these?

    Thank you,


    • Barbara S. says:

      As far as the pro for the Soy Milk just a to mention a few  I could say that Soy milk packs in the same amount of protein as cow’s milk, making it the winner among plant-based milk. A lot of people consume soy as a milk alternative because of the health benefits present in the milk’s phytonutrients.

      Cons: Soyhas been considered a food allergen along with milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat, fish, peanut and crustacean shellfish

      Pros of coconut milk are that Coconut milk has only 45 calories per cup and theconsumption of coconut milk can help reduce levels of harmful low-density lipoproteins associated with cardiovascular diseases.

      Cons are:Coconut milk contains very little protein. Therefore, it is best to purchase fortified coconut milk if you
      are looking for cow’s milk alternatives.

      Lastly, as far as almond milk just to mention a few of the many advantages of it we have that almond milk is rich in proteins, fiber, calcium as well as vitamin and  also includes similar vitamins and minerals compared to cow’s milk. But in a much lower quantity.

      I hope this can answer at least in `part to your question.

      Keep in mind there are a lot of pros for all these types of milk compared to the cow milk and I would suggest some reading before you decide and obviously, it is also a personal preference when it comes to taste

  27. Clement says:

    Thank you for this great post, thanks for sharing your experience with us here and also the step by step guide of making juice.i think I will love to try out the blackberries smothie. I will try to get all the ingredients listed above and try making this juice. Is there any alternative to the agave syrup? 

  28. Tim says:

    These all sound delicious and nutritious at the same time. Although I’d really love to try them all since they all have great nutritional value, a few that stand out to me are the blackberry/ginger smoothie, the green monster smoothie, and the soy milk matcha smoothie.

    I’ve had my fair a number of smoothie varieties but not as good for the body as these. Not to mention I can make all these from home which excites me even more. 

  29. Facio says:

    Good job and recipes,actually I would like to help you with the site instead you gave me a new idea to improve my nutrition with the “The Green Monster Smoothie” so You helped me.Usually I take protein capsules or powder after a long ride to rebuilt the muscles and reduce pain and recovery, but they are not tasty or rewarding at all, from tomorrow I will make my own Green Monster Smoothie with BCAA.I bookmarked the website

  30. Seun Afotanju says:

    Thanks for sharing your own fruit smoothie idea, there is no doubt the kids are definitely going to love these smoothies, and with sincerity me as well I can’t let them have all the fun taste these smoothies bring. The blackberries / ginger smoothie is going to be a good start.

  31. Olushola says:

    Hello Barbara,

    To be honest, I am really happy to learn more about Smothies from you. Actually, I am not the type of person who is really into Smoothies but just looking at the pictures of smoothies in your post alone is so tempting to the extent that I feel like I can have one for myself right away.

    I will need to inform my wife about this. I also learn from your post that with this Smoothies, I don’t really need to eat much, once taken as breakfast, it can hold me for some couple of hours. Am really glad to know more about this, I will add Smoothies to my daily food routine from now on since I have been well informed about the importance by you.

    Thank you so much once again for the wonderful review. God bless.



  32. Sheree K says:

    These smoothy recipes seem delicious even for the big ones. I am not surprised if the choconana smoothy is the favorite of all for your kids. I am a little surprise that they would like the Green Monster at all. I suppose if kids are seasoned smoothiteres then no problem. I must say though this Vegan site is on point and on time. More people must and will in 2019 move from meat eating and rather go for live foods. So glad its here. Do you have any recipes using fruits and veggies along with spices like nutmeg? I am looking forward to seeing more from you here. By the way, I like that you have videos here, showing what’s going with the animals. 

    Thank you.


  33. Henry says:

    Hi! Yeah, I believe you when you say you converted a friend that was always reluctant in having fruit smoothies into a true fan. I have been following your site for some time now, and I must admit that I love your recipes.

    And because I know how good smoothies are for us, I have wanted to also give them to kids, but it’s not so simple. But these are great ideas. I’ll start trying The Choconana Smoothie. Children love chocolate, and I know I’ll be successful with this one! Thank you!

  34. Olalekan says:

    This is a wonderful post by Smoothie corner. Well I actually I missed the last article posted as I was yet to be a member in WA. I appreciate your post on the fruits smoothies for kids. I will recommend this post to my sis on how to make Soy Milk Matcha smoothie and blackberry smoothie. As a source of protein is good for the body not for kids alone and all ages. All recipes posted are really appreciated.

    Thank you Smoothie Corner. 

  35. jannatuljui says:

    Are these smoothies are healthy for kids?. That’s a great idea and effective for making a fruit smoothies. I also like to feed my baby smoothies. This article provides great information to make various type of smoothies. I prefer this for feeding kids. I think everybody should use this formula for making their kids.

  36. Hi Barbara
    I love this site. The smoothies especially the choconana which I can’t wait to try especially when I am have a can’t resist chocolate on a diet day. I know the smoothies are for kids, but I think a lot of moms and grannies will be sharing them. My grandsons love soya milk but its too sweet for me so I will be substituting almond milk.
    I am not a vegan yet, but well on the way to becoming one. I think websites like this will encourage more and more people to become vegans. BTW The photos on your site are awesome!

  37. Tricia says:

    Thank you…these look like great recipes. There’s lots of inspiration here. Even my fussy kids who are not the biggest veggie fans would find something good in these recipes. I know they’re not the same, but do you think that rice milk would make a passable substitute for almond milk in the choconana smoothie?

  38. Paul says:

    Hello Barbara, 

    Wow, this is an article that has fast become one of my favorites. I too am a vegan and have a smoothie for breakfast every day. 

    Now that you have shared these wonderful combinations, with my particular favorite being the Soy Milk Matcha Smoothie, I can change up my smoothie routine.

    Thank you for sharing this informative and engaging post. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  39. Juan Castillo says:

    Hey Barbara! 

    Wow, super awesome website with tons of interesting information! Keep up the amazing work!

    I wanted to talk about the section with the Stocking a Vegan pantry. So I am not a vegan myself, but I also love animals with a huge passion. My family actually foster animals all the time and we love it. I definitely learned a lot of what a Vegan is all about by reading some of your posts. It’s really interesting. Back to the topic about the Vegan pantry. I feel like while yes, these products are so much healthier for your body, on top of that it is helping the environment, and animals who are being abused, but I think that these products are super expensive! 

    If you want to get the real deal stuff, it can cost you a fortune, especially if you have a big family. So my question is, are there places you can buy these products for a better price? 

    Your website is truly awesome though, I learned a lot which is always a plus, and I wish you the best success! 


    • Barbara S. says:

      Hi, Juan, I totally understand what you are saying, I felt the same way too when I first become a Vegan. While the easy a huge difference in the prices between buying some healthy and Vegan and getting a cardboard burger in fast food I think the trick is to not give up even though society is doing a pretty good job in trying to put people off. I live on a small budget and while sometimes I will go and spend a little for what I would consider a treat, I have also learned to do a lot of the vegan things myself, like the cheese, or the burgers and if you can rely on doing lots of stuff by yourself instead of taking the easy route of already made vegan food then you can make it work on a small budget,. It all depends on how committed a person is and how willing they are to do the work. I hope this answers your question and thank you for your interest

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