Summer Smoothies Recipes: The Summer Smoothie Corner

In this post, I am going to give you some vegan Summer Smoothies Recipes ideas. Summer is not too far from us so to make the heat more bearable and enjoy drinking fruits and vegetables nothing is better than a lovely Smoothie.

We all know Smoothies, we have prepared them a thousand times but sometimes you get stuck with the same ingredients, the same recipes and you feel like you need something new.

So here are some ideas that I hope will give you inspiration:

5 Vegan Smoothie ideas for Summer

During the summer months, it is very important to hydrate, drink fluids and eat fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes, meeting these goals can be a bit complicated.  That’s where Smoothie becomes our best friend and help us freshen up and make it less expensive for us to consume fruit and vegetables.

With no further delay here are the Summer Winning Recipes:

1. Mint and Chocolate Smoothie

For lovers of sweet and classic chocolate smoothies, this is one of my absolute favorites.

It’s sweet and very cool, so you can have it for breakfast, as  a snack in the middle of the morning and even as a little

chocolate treat at night


If you do not want to add spinach, you can do without them but my advice is it have them, you won’t even notice the taste of it, especially if you are trying to give it to the kids and it will be a truly healthy smoothie!

Put all the ingredients in a blender of your choice add some ice and you are ready to serve!

2. Pineapple and Blackberry Smoothie


It seems a classic of the vegan smoothies but the combination between pineapple and blackberries is surprising. If you can not get berries you can use raspberries, blueberries, whatever you have at home!

All ingredients in the blender and it’s ready! It is so simple to do yet so delicious it’s unbelievable!

3. Orange and Apple Smoothie

If you prefer something more traditional, try this orange and apple smoothie. This combination never fails and the acidity of the orange combines perfectly with the apple.

It is one of the vegan smoothies that you will have to blend a little more, otherwise, there will be lumps. Beat the two fruits together with water or vegetable drink to make it even more delicious.

4. Spicy Beet Smoothie

From the most traditional vegan Smoothies like the previous one to the most daring and risky.

This spicy beet shake is perfect to surprise.

  In the Nutribullet and straight to the glass ready to drink. Dare to try it?

5. Tropical Smoothie

Finally, a perfect smoothie for the summer: a tropical blend of fruits full of vitamins and minerals.

Once again all the ingredients straight in the blender and you are ready for a fantastic and refreshing smoothie to share with your family a friends

These are some of the Vegan Smoothie  Ideas that I have for today, I hope you have enjoyed it and might feel like running to the kitchen and prepare one right now!

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However, don’t forget, the trick is to try and experiment with new combinations that will surely surprise you and whatever you can come up with that tastes good, please feel free to share it with me in the comments below.



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  1. Shashwat .Prakash says:

    Hi Barbara

    I really liked the theme and design of your website. I am not a vegan but your smoothies looked delicious. Will surely try them out specially the mint and chocolate one. I love chocolate and I can’t wait to see how it turns out when I make it.

    Thanks for sharing

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