Smoothies Ideas for Kids and Grown Ups: The Smoothie Corner Part 2

The Caribbean Smoothie

As promised here we have another great Smoothie Idea for kids this time we have added a little extra spice with some super healthy ginger!!!


1 cup of papaya, strawberry, mango and pineapple /frozen or fresh)

1 little teaspoon of coconut oil (yes coconut oil)

1 banana

500 ml of Coconut milk or if you prefer almond milk

1 teaspoon of ginger

1 teaspoon of Chia Seeds

Once you got all the ingredients ready put everything in a blender, ( Vitamix is one of the best ) and after 1 minute it is ready to drink.

Coconut oil is  a healthy fat that helps the  brain and vital organs, also works to boost the energy and keep you satisfied for longer.

Beside being delicious this smoothie can be also use as a Breakfast replacement. It is great in the morning especially thanks to the ginger presence!

Enjoy it!!

Raw Organic Cacao - Beans, Nibs, Powder & Butter

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4 Responses

  1. Dale says:

    The picture makes this look and the article makes it sound amazing.  As a diabetic I am always looking for healthy things that are also fun or enjoyable to eat.  

    From looking at the recipe this looks like it would be okay for my diabetic diet.

    Thank you for this amazing article or recipe I guess.  Without the internet lots of these things would never see the light of day.

    Are most of your recipes diabetic friendly?


    • Barbara S. says:

      There is a mix of recipes but you just gave me an idea and I appreciate it maybe I will dedicate a post to specifically diabetic friendly types of smoothies. Thank you 

  2. Leo says:

    So nice smoothie. Looks so delicious.

    I love these kinds of smoothies. 🙂

    They are super easy to make, doesn’t cost a fortune and they are super delicious! You could also spice them up if you want, with a little vanilla for example. One of the key reasons why I bought a Vitamix is unlimited countless kinds of minutes finished. In a few seconds, I’m preparing a super healthy smoothie.

    You help me get new ideas of what I could throw in my smoothie ;).

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