Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes: Good or Just Another Trend?

This might be a vegan site but it is not just about changing your diet and having plant-based meals; it’s about protecting animals and protecting our planet. And surprise surprise, it is about protecting ourselves, and our health. So if you are doubting from where to start or if you ever could even try to become a vegan, before you switch off and think this is not for you, there is one thing we all have in common: brushing teeth! (At least I hope so). And after years of changing from one toothbrush to another, from the manual to the electric I stumble miraculously in an organic Bamboo Toothbrush that a friend of mine suggested I tried. Well I got news for everyone interested: Organic bamboo toothbrushes are the way forward!

100% super trooper fantastic natural toothbrushes.

There is nothing better for your teeth. Tried it, bought it, loved it.

The title says good or just a trend? Well, believe me if I tell you 100% good, I mean better than just good, the Organic Bamboo Toothbrush is simply excellent!

In a vegan life the care of the environment is another principle that we protect with our daily actions.

Among them, the use of a bamboo toothbrush which is, by the way, 100% ecological instead of the traditional one based on plastic can make a difference.

Why  using Bamboo for a  Toothbrush?

The toothbrush is an object present in all our homes, an object that we use daily for hygiene and care of teeth.

Traditional brushes are normally produced with polypropylene, one of the most polluting plastics, along with polyethylene, for the sea and the environment.

These non-recyclable plastic brushes will need at least  between 500 and 1000 years for their complete decomposition. An infinity and a bit longer… Can you imagine that? A piece o plastic that will live long after many of us are gone?

This alone should make you think:
They are like dinosaurs, actually dinosaurs are extinct and plastic is still standing!

Remember that each person consumes about 4-5 toothbrushes a year

Considering an average life of 80 years, we are talking about 300-400 brushes during the arc of our life.
When you really start to count and add up all the digits, they are amazing numbers if we think about the devastating environmental impact that these residues have.

And if you think what does a toothbrush that you use has to do with the pollution of the sea, let me tell you that you should  know that 1% of all plastics present in the sea, is represented by toothbrushes.

So what can we do to change that and also help ourselves?

We can  all do our bit and even if you are not signed up with Green Peace and don’t really care to be an activist for the  environment, you can still do something  by choosing a much more ethical and sustainable alternative to your toothbrush: bamboo toothbrushes.

Say Goodbye to plastic and welcome to Bamboo

For those of you that do not know, Bamboo is a plant that grows extremely quickly.
It does it naturally, without the need for fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals.
From there it is easy to understand that its use represents an alternative to valid, sustainable and ecological plastic.

Bamboo is the basic material in all vegan / ecological brushes. The plastic handle is replaced by a bamboo one, whose fiber is biodegradable. Not just toothbrushes can be replaced by Bamboo but even our beloved straws, the one we use so much especially in the summer have been replaced by a very trendy Bamboo straw.

But going back to our toothbrush, let’s see why bamboo is an excellent alternative.

Bamboo brush: advantages, features and benefits

A Bamboo toothbrush has the same characteristics as traditional toothbrushes and, in addition, it has  many advantages.

  • It’s very very light.
  • It does not pollute.
  • It helps in  the reduction of the  consumption of plastic.
  • The handle and (almost always) the brush box are recyclable.
  • The material is organic, biodegradable (5 years old) and Eco-friendly.
  • Bamboo has antibacterial properties which prevents dirt and mildew.
  • It helps the environmental impact: the brush does not carry plastic and the nylon bristles do not carry petroleum derivatives.
  • The bristles are made of vegetable fiber, ensure proper brushing
  • They are usually free of BPA (bone, without Bisphenol A), a toxic chemical used to harden the plastic.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes are also suitable for children. In fact, the best brands offer different colors and sizes, some adapted for the little ones.

How long does a bamboo brush last?

A bamboo toothbrush lasts 2-3 months before being replaced, practically the same as a traditional toothbrush which usually should be replaced every 3 month

To maintain a bamboo toothbrush and make it last longer  it is preferable to dry the wood brush after use.

Where can you get your bamboo toothbrush from ?

You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of brands that make bamboo brushes.
Among them, probably my favorite is BambooBrush

You can buy a bamboo brush in the official brand stores, some large stores, specialized online stores or even Amazon, where you can read enthusiastic opinions of users who have tried the ecological brushes.

The price varies according to quality, size and brand, and is in a range between 3 and 12 €, with an average that is around 4-5 € per unit.

Take care of your teeth … and the planet


Ideal to take care of your hygiene without plastics, bamboo brushes are perfect bathroom accessories to promote your life zero waste.

By using them, you will guarantee at the same time a correct dental cleaning, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and respectful of the environment.

So what are you waiting for? Got get your Bamboo brush Now!

I hope this was somehow useful and if you have any experience to share with your own bamboo toothbrush or if you have any question about the topic, as always I will be more than happy to answer your questions. Just leave a message in the comment area below!


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9 Responses

  1. Henderson says:

    Wow, this post has got me feeling like I have been doing the world bad since I was born. Well I didn’t know about bamboo brushes before now. I like that I would be doing so much to help the ecology by using the bamboo brush. I’m definitely buying one of this beauties for myself. Thanks for bringing this to your site. Best regards

  2. Stella says:

    Since both bamboo toothbrush and a traditional toothbrush can last for the same period of effective teeth brushing, I would love to go for the eco-friendly option. This will not only benefit me but also my surroundings. It is so fascinating to see how plastic can be replaced with biodegradable bamboo. Am very sure, in some years to come, people will also have broad thinking on a way to replace every plastic we are using day to day with a more biodegradable options.

  3. Marios Tofarides says:

    Hey there,

    I am not a vegan – I prefer the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on fruits and vegetables instead of meat – but I do understand the need for avoiding and/or recycling plastic. In this sense,  I like the idea of bamboo toothbrushes. I also like the idea of the subscription-based Bam&Boo; toothbrushes. I will try it and let you know.



  4. whunni says:

    Thank you for your informative article which I read with interest.  

    I believe that we should all make a conscious effort to do whatever we can to protect the environment; and if we can protect our health while we are at it, then it surely makes good sense.  

    I really appreciate the detail that you provide on this topic and think that a biodegradable product that has health benefits vs. a non recyclable polypropylene product that causes harm to the environment is an easy choice.  

    The only thing that I might mention is at an average of 5 euros per brush, it is expensive compared to your regular run of the mill toothbrushes which you can purchase at less than $2 USD per brush (or cheaper) if bought in larger quantites.  

    I personally would be willing to pay more for a bamboo toothbrush that comes with the benefits that you highlighted.  

    All the best to you.  

  5. Boniface-AndroidBix says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Great article right there- and eye opening, too! I didn’t know organic bamboo brushes exist- but now I know. And I’ve liked the concept. 

    Besides being ecofriendly, I’ve found out that bamboo has so many other benefits- especially the antibacterial property and complete biodegradability. My country in recent years has banned use of plastic bags and we have seen tremendous improvement on the way the general environment looks so clean everywhere. Now they should target plastic products and toothbrushes to top the list. As a country we grow millions of bamboo trees annually and si this should be easy to implement. 


    Boniface from AndroidBix

  6. rjkennedy says:

    Eating healthy, vegan or otherwise, is what should be on our ‘things-to-do-list.’ Good healthy eating affects our teeth, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and anything else which can keep us healthy otherwise. I try to stay on a strict diet.(being prediabetic). But a lot of times I slip, and start eating crap I’m not supposed to.

    Why is it that everything that taste good is bad for you? Doctors tell you to eat certain foods.But these foods are so bland in taste that it makes you not wanna eat. But we gotta eat to survive! I think vegan is about the most healthiest food we can consume. 

    • Barbara S. says:

      Being Vegan is a choice people embrace for different reasons and health reasons are often one of them. But one can start by leaving meat on the side and be open to trying the flavor of different things. We have been so brainwashed into believing that crap food is the only tasty thing we can have that we end up believing it is true whilst there is a lot of tasty food in nature, we just need to reeducate our brains again.

      Maybe just swapping to an organic bamboo toothbrush could be your first small step towards a healthier way of living.

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