Nutribullet Vs. Juice Extractor Review – Which One Is The Best?

Nutribullet VS juice extractor: Which one to choose?

So you are you thinking of buying a new kitchen companion to prepare wonderful juices for the family but do not know which one to choose.

Let’s examine together the advantages and disadvantages of the Nutribullet and the juice extractor and hopefully I will be able to help you by offering an in-depth analysis of the Nutribullet vs. some of the most popular juice extractors on the market so you can make the best decision



Nutribullet or Juice Extractor: which one should I buy?

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Nutribullet and juice extractors, you should know that comparing a Nutribullet with a juice extractor or juicer is like comparing apples and oranges.

It is important to know the juice extractors whether they are centrifugal juicers, chewing and double extractors, work differently from the Nutribullet which produces drinks with pulp or drinks that are commonly known as smoothies.

Juice extractors, on the other hand, eliminate 90% of the fiber in fruits and vegetables. This is the main difference between a juice extractor and a Nutribullet or even blenders.

Depending on your goal (if you want to drink juices for better health or even to lose weight), your diet and strategy, you may want to consume fruit juice without fibers or drink vegetables that are rich in fibers.

Advantages of the Nutribullet over a juice extractor

Many people seem to prefer the Nutribullet over a Juice extractor for the following reasons reason:

  • The Nutribullet is much easier to use, clean and prepare. You just have to cut the vegetables and fruits, put them in the glass, close it and turn it on. In less than 30 seconds you will have a beverage that has been “sprayed” by the 600-watt cyclone engine. This will be a delicious and healthy drink too.
  • The Nutribullet is much cheaper than a juice extractor (really worth it).
  • You can grind fruits, nuts, and other hard vegetables and pulverize them. In this way, you will enjoy all the advantages of these “super foods” without having to eat them.
  • The juice prepared with Nutribullet includes all the fiber of fruits and vegetables, helping to give you that sensation of being full after drinking it.

Nutribullet and juice extractors are not the same

Disadvantages of juice extractors

  • Juice extractors are very slow to clean. After preparing your juice, you have to wash all its parts and clean the kitchen, which takes more time than using the Nutribullet.
  • Unless you eat the pulp separately, (most people will throw it away) you do not take advantage of the fibers of the fruits or veggies.
  • You might end up being hungry faster. Without the fiber of fruits or vegetables, you will only be drinking fluids.

Nutribullet vs. Juice extractor: What is My best option?

If you want to feel fuller and more satisfied after a smoothie I would recommend you buy the Nutribullet (since you will always drink the fiber).

If you want a pure juice that gives you more energy and you are trying to maintain or lose some weight and detox your body then I would recommend buying a juice extractor.




Nutribullet or juice extractor: Questions

If you have questions about which one to buy, the Nutribullet vs. Extractor of juices, you can leave me your question or concern in my comments section and I will help you to make the best decision.

Also, if you have had experience with juice extractors or Nutribullet, tell me why you liked it or didn’t and what you would personally recommend.

At home, I have both; my husband was the one that first bought the Juice extractor because he really doesn’t like the feeling of pieces of pulp in his drink. I use it as well and when you juice carrots or apples Oh my God it tastes wonderful seriously.

On the other hand when I am trying to give the kids more fibers and fill them up with good stuff rather than them going around the kitchen searching for “junk food” I will use the Nutribullet.

Really I guess it brings it down to a personal choice.

Well this is it for me now, I hope you have a wonderful day

Take care, and may you all have a blessed day.

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13 Responses

  1. Ola says:

    this is a lovely review; i am just getting to know about nutribullet and juice extractor.i love the way you highlighted their usefulness; pros and cons.i have learnt alot from your deductions and  i will also make more research before i do my purchase.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely review. its well appreciated 

  2. seofarhan says:


    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not find the details about the Nutribullet and the juice extractor. This blog will be very helpful for those who want to make wonderful juices for the family. The most important thing I have just learned from here that this article will be very much helpful to others who want to know about the best Nutribullet or the juice extractor. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

  3. Strahinja says:

    I saw Nutribullet advertisement on my TV and I got interested immediately. It is super efficient, fast and easy to clean. I am very busy and I find my time very valuable so I’d rather choose a solution like Nutribullet rather than juice extractor. You just ended my dilemma and I’m going to purchase NutriBullet.

    Thank you for this informative review.


  4. Evald says:

    Hey there Barbara,

    So far, after reading Your article  I have to say, Nutribullet is shaping up to be a very viable and useful addition to my kitchen equipment for numerous reasons. First of all, the thing which stood out for me the most about this product is that it is very user-friendly and simple to use. Which ultimately leads to the second big brightside of this product which is the fact that preparing beverage requires very little to no time at all! Like You’ve mentioned-  user can expect to have his, or her beverage in under 30 seconds which is pretty awesome! Especially in the mornings where I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. I’ve also found the ability to grind hard vegetables and nuts to be a very important & significant part of this product, because it allows to basically mix & combine a lot of the ingredients to experiment in creating new & unique beverages. In other words- it provides high level of versatility, great stuff! Oh, and on top of all of these- Nutribullet also features reasonable price tag, particularly when compared to juice extractors.

    All in all, thanks Barbara for such informative and descriptive article, I truly enjoyed reading it and learning something new today 😉 

  5. ajibola40 says:

    l prefer to have  d two of them. Both nutribullet and juice extractor at home.There was a time I have some family visitor from my home town. My father told me he can’t drink the vitamin juice I present to him on d table because he like the juice to be smooth and creamy in which there one I present to him have some rough orange particles in it. So he only insist on water while the other take take d the two is good 

  6. Henry says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for this comparison. And I agree with you in many points. Nutribullet is much easier to use. And they are cheaper. But the most important point for me is that we benefit from all the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables we uses to prepare smoothies.

    The only point in which I don’t agree with you is that I also love the taste of apples in Smoothies. 🙂

  7. Olalekan says:

    This article is appreciated. From the review just read in this post, no doubt I will go for the Nutribullet as it is easy to use and clean after usage compared to the juice extractor. The fiber of some fruits and vegetables are nutritious and vitamins to the body when not being separated. Medical practitioners recommends that the seeds in water melon should be taken together with the fruit as the seeds works in keeping the heart in good shape. Nutribullet can be use to serve this purpose. Thank you. 

  8. Yormith96 says:

    I must say really love this article, I have been searching for very long time why am taking juice to reduce my weight and diet, but I still remains the same in weight, but your post just opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong for a very long time, thanks so much for this lovely article, I will stick to juice extractor with lovely fruits u love most without fiber 

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