How To Make A Vegan Bun? The Perfect Recipe

Don’t you just love Buns? In the morning with a nice Capuccino, or in the afternoon with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Every occasion is perfect for a Bun with some jam on the side and some Vegan butter…if you can! I love sweets and cakes and when I found a recipe that explained how ot make the perfect vegan bun filled with chocolate nuggets I was super excited!

Followed it, and it was simply delicious, so today I would love to share the same recipe with you!

Now this is not just a Vegan Bun; it’s the best Vegan Bun recipe you will ever find : it’s is a homemade bun filled with chocolate nuggets, and if that is not enough you can always add some extra jam on the side or anyhing you can think of.

Wait to taste it, and you will get the pleasure of a soft cake that simply melts in your mouth.

It will take us a little time to prepare it but I can guarantee every minute is more than worth it

The Vegan Muffin/Bun Recipe

Today I am going to show you  how to make homemade vegan buns with chocolate nuggets, 100% Vegan Style.

You’ll get a fluffy vegetable milk bread with the classic brioche aroma, enriched by dark chocolate nuggets.

No egg, no milk, no margarine or vegetable oils.

The recipe for making these homemade buns is very easy.
You can knead the sweet rolls by hand,  or in a food processor if you prefer.
These are delicious both hot and cold… and if you add some  ice cream fillings, oh my God You have no idea!!!

The Vegan Bun Recipe

Ingredients for approximtely 20 buns

  • 1 tb2 tablespoon vanilla essence
  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup
  • 150gr dark chocolate nuggets
  • 320gr wheat flour
  • 320 gr force flour (manitoba)
  • 3 gr dehydrated beer yeast or 10 fresh yeast
  • 120gr whole-grain cane sugar
  • 70-80gr extra virgin oil
  • 120gr water
  • 120gr vegetable milk
  • Zest of an orange
  • 1 pinch salt

To prepare and cook the buns it will take a little bit of time but as I said they taste delicious so don’t get discouraged when you see how long you have to wait before you can actually eat them and think of the smell and flavour you will have at the end of the preparation.

Preparation time:

20 minutes for dough

15 hours of fermentation

20 minutes of cooking

At first we mix the grated orange peel, agave syrup and vanilla in a glass.
Let it stand for at least 2 hours.

Let’s  make a cream with the yeast, 100 gr of wheat flour and 100ml of natural water.
Let it  stand for 1 hour.

To prepare the homemade buns, we add the remaining part of wheat flour and water, manitoba, vegetable milk, sugar, yeast, the orange peel mixture and the yeast cream we have previously prepared  in a bowl.
Knead for 5-10 minutes until smooth, and non-sticky.
Gradually incorporate the chocolate nuggets into the dough ane mix it will
Store in a bowl covered with film paper in the fridge overnight.

The next day take out the dough and place it delicately on a countertop.
Leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes and then gently start to split it into balls.
Let the ball rest until they have doubled their volume (approx. 3-4 hours).
Brush the chocolate buns with vegetable milk and bake at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.
Can you smell it like I do?

A little tip

Don’t be in a hurry to make the buns.

Rest is important so that your buns have the typical smell and aroma of brioche.
Once cooled, you can freeze them so you can have your sweet buns ready for the morning or any other occasions.
You can replace chocolate nuggets with a tablet cut into pieces.

Bonus Ice Cream Idea

For some fresh and original dessert in the summer that will go perfect with your buns you can prepare some vegan icecream  and serve it in the buns previously prepared and cut in half.

Look at it like an Ice Cream Sandwich and trust me your kids will LOVE you for it!.

To make the vegan stracciatella ice cream all you need is

  • 300 ml of vegetable cream to assemble
  • 100 gr of chocolate chips or dark chocolate.

Cut  the chocolate into small pieces, add the vegan cream and mix it with the chocolate.That’s it.

Store it in the fridge.

A little Ice cream Suggestion

To do a Vegan Icecream obviously the easiset way is to use an Ice Cream Maker, but don’t despair, if you don’t have one you can still prepare an exellent ice cream simply by first  mixing all the ingredients required (in this case just the cream) and then  putting them in the freezer.
Remove it every half hour.
After 2-3 hours, add the chocolate chips.
Continue removing another 3 hours, until firm.

If you liked this recipe and if you life desserts as much as I do you might enjoy the recipe book of Chloe’s Vegan Desserts one of my first sources of inspiration whenever I am looking for a new cake to bake

So there you have some more easy recipes to share with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget, if there is any special recipe that you have and wanna share it with us or if you have any comments or suggestions just leave it in the space here below.

May You all have a blessed day!

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