Habor Air Fryer : Why Frying Without Oil Is The Best Option For You

In one of my latest post I was talking about my love for Nuggets and Croquettes, (obviously homemade lol) and since I mentioned how I only fry with my Air Fryer I thought it would be only fair to give you a small Review about my Harbor Air Fryer one of the best investment I have made for my kitchen since it allows me to cook without oil and create the dishes my kids love without really giving them any  unhealthy fried food!

How can it get any better?


How can you fry food without oil? Does the food taste really good? Will it be as crispy as when you use the old frying pan?

I know these are all the questions I had in my head the first time I spotted the Harbor Air Fryer in a shop.

I remember coming home holding it in my hands like I was carrying some sort of experimental machine from the future. Me and my husband, it might sound silly, really excited at the idea that we could eat the “junk” food without being “too junk”….as though the omission of oil would make it better.

So we sat in the kitchen, peeled potatoes cut them in small pieces and put them all in the New mystery machine.

15 minutes later…..the results: FANTASTIC!!!!

I am serious the chips that came out of the Air Fryer tasted delicious. Golden and crunchy but without any oil!!


Habor Air Fryer 3.8QT

Let’s look at the properties and advantages of the Habor Air Fryer so you can understand what I am talking about:

  1. No smoke and 80% Fewer Calories than when you fry with oil
  2. The AIRFLOW TECHNOLOGY of the Habor allows the hot air to circulate within the machine avoiding the smoke or high temperatures that you get when frying the old school way
  3. The quick air circulation thoroughly heats the food and makes food more crispy and juicy, cooking most fried food within 30 minutes.
  4. Multifunctional: you can fry anything from chips to croquettes, vegan nuggets and for those of you that are not vegans yet you can even fry all sorts of meats and fish and steak. ( but please consider a plant-based diet for your future and health) .
  5. You can fry, bake, grill and roast
  6. There is an Auto-off Function
  7. The temperature is adjustable from 275℉ to 400℉
  8. The timer goes from 0-60 Mins
  9. The size of the fryer is perfect for a family of 2-4
  10. The Handle remains cool to the touch
  11. Parts are detachable and dishwasher safe
  12. Comes with an 18 months warranty
  13. Recipe Book included in the package

Can you really ask more from a kitchen gadget? I am not sure.

The Habor has an attractive design and does not take too much space on the countertop of the kitchen, not more than that of a conventional fryer.

Frying without oil

Frying without oil could not be easier; these fryers are not much more than miniature ovens, combining the action of a grill with hot air circulating at high speed. So, you must simply select the desired temperature and time and let it do its magic.

Cooking times vary depending on the type of product and its size, in some cases it is advisable to briefly stir the basket in the middle of the “frying”, while in others it is good to add a few drops of oil to the process.

Sometimes if I really want to have that extra crispiness especially if I do things like the croquettes, I will use just one touch of oil spray and the croquettes will get that golden look. I don’t use any spray for nuggets or chips for example.

In the instructions you can find the approximate times for each type of food, most of which are between 10 and 15 minutes, and generally coinciding with the times indicated in the bag for oven preparation, with the advantage that there is no need  to wait for it to warm up and the results are ten times better Another noteworthy point is the cleanliness.

No splashes, no fumes, no smells, no dirty oils that are so hard to clean afterward; nothing at all.

You just have to wipe it and wipe the basket from time to time.

I can’t forget to mention the safety: I have always had a kind of phobia for frying oil, never really liked to fry before because I always worried about the heat of the oil especially when you have young children trotting around the kitchen

So there is no risk of burns from splashing, you save money on oil and you are making a much healthier meal.

Can you really fry with no oil?

That seems to be the number one question in all the doubters out there?

Depending on the type of food and the cooking time, I decided to test it myself, with different types of food. And I prepared them in different batches. First the mushroom croquettes and the vegan nuggets, and the potatoes and at my friend home (not mine) some chicken legs. (sadly she is not a vegan yet but I am working on it)

These were my results

  • Nuggets: Visually the best result achieved. Crunchy and golden on the outside and made homogeneously inside.
  • Potatoes fries: The result is very good, although it is necessary to clarify that once cooked they hold less time and they get soft before, although it gives more than enough to eat them in their delicious state.

  • Potato wedge: More suitable if possible for this type of frying without oil, since its outer crust makes them crispy while juicy inside.
  • Chicken legs (according to my NON-Vegan friend): Very good in general, made on the outside and inside, without breaking the outer covering, which sometimes happens when frying in oil.


  • Croquettes: The result was good but I had to add a touch of oil spray cause otherwise, they tend to remain clear on the outside although they are perfectly cooked inside.

As you can see, my personal experience with the Habor Air Fryer is very good. Whether you want to buy one or not it is up to you to decide, for me it has been an investment that I would repeat if mine will ever break. To me, the fact that I can almost completely avoid oil is a ++.

For my health, my family health that’s all it matters to me. And even now, when I am busy and I want the kids to start cooking I can ask them to do so without having to worry if they will get burned or not.

Well, this is it for me, I hope you enjoyed the post, and don’t forget to leave a note and share with me your experience with an oil-free fryer if you have one at home.

For more reviews, see what people think about it by visiting Amazon where you can find the Habor Air Fryer at a very affordable price.

Till the next time

May you all have a blessed day!

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12 Responses

  1. Dapoach says:

    First and foremost, i must appreciate the quality and beauty of the pictures of the chips you uploaded on your article, its really tempting and makes ones mouth to water (smiles). I never heard  that its possible to fry without oil not until reading your post. 

    I have read all and i am more eager to try it out in my kitchen . Must go buy the Airfryer first.

    I will get all the needed ingredients this week and try it out. Thanks so much for this information. Thanks

  2. Louis says:

    I always avoided fried food because I was unsure about the components of oils used in frying. I never knew there was a method of frying called air frying. I think this would really be helpful for people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

    Thanks for this article, now I can begin to enjoy my chips again.

  3. Matteo says:

    Hi Barbara,

    This is a really interesting review! I happen to live in the Netherlands, where people deep fry pretty much everything. I always wondered how it is possible to eat so much fried food and don’t get a heart attack!

    I will definitely recommend this review to a few friends here! Oh and it’s really cool that as a vegan, you still reviewed the fried chicken! Haha

    1 question: We tend to eat fried food the day after a heavy night of drinking. If you fry food without oil, do you still get the magical hangover cure?

    By the way I will definitely start following you! 

    All the best,


    • Barbara S. says:

      Hi Matteo, I am glad you enjoyed the post even though I ma not sure about the magical hangover cure. I do hope though if you are enjoying fried food that you seriously consider an AirFryer. It will definately help you , actually your friends, stay healthy

  4. Ashley says:

    I think that frying without oil is literally everyone’s dream – I’m talking about people who want to eat healthy. I’m surely one of them, but it’s so hard for me to give up chips completely. So it seems that this Harbor Air Fryer is the right solution to this problem. I checked out its price and I have to admit that it’s not as expensive as I expected it to be. So it’s definitely on my future purchases list.

  5. Natalie Heath says:

    What a brilliant post! I have been wondering about hot air fryers for ages now. I just couldn’t get my head around how they work. I don’t deep fry at home because it is so unhealthy; we use the oven instead. But this piece of equipment sounds like it would give a better result than the oven which can really dry out food. The chips look yummy. And I’m glad to read the review written by a fellow vegan! 🙂

  6. tawhid says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I have read your article about Habor air fryer, First of all i must appreciate the quality and beauty of the pictures of the chips you uploaded on your article, its really tempting and makes ones mouth to water. I never heard  that its possible to fry without oil not until reading your post. I have read all and i am more eager to try it out in my kitchen . I Must go buy the Airfryer first. I will collect all the ingredients this week and try it out. Thank you so much for this information.

  7. Nicole says:

    This machine sounds very interesting being that I only cook for two and I am trying to cook healthier these days. Although we are not vegans (sorry lol) I am having a hard time trying to get my 9-year-old to eat better. And if I can’t get him to eat better, this machine may be able to help. This is something I should really consider.

  8. Brandbility says:

    I am not really much of a good cook unfortunately. But hell No not after seeing these pictures. I really hate the kitchen I have never been aware of a better way to fry my chips until I stumbled on your blog. Your post and blog in general is encouraging me to love the kitchen more than I love it already. Will work something out and probably share a picture. 

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